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Why Choose Wick?

Post Frame Construction

Wick post-frame buildings are pre-engineered wood-frame construction systems. The walls feature laminated columns, also called posts, instead of wood studs, steel framing or concrete masonry.


Why is an Engineered Building Important Today?

With today's demands on larger buildings for larger equipment and more livestock, it becomes imperative to have your building components engineered. Wick Buildings are pre-engineered for the safety of you and your  assets. For more information about the pitfalls of non-engineered buildings you can learn more here:

Do you own a killer building?

by David Bohnhoff
The author is a registered professional engineer and professor in the Biological Systems Engineering Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Get affordable payment options from multiple lenders

Get affordable payment options from multiple lenders

Screws Versus Nails

When considering a post-frame builder for your new building, make sure they are using screws to attach the steel panels. Screws have much greater pull-out resistance than nails.

This is critical as weather elements are constantly working on the materials in your building. Heat causes expansion and cold causes contraction of materials. When these temperature cycles are combined with wind, moisture and weight from snow, Mother Nature is constantly trying to “back out” those fasteners. And once they loosen, the structural integrity of your building is compromised.

Wick’s “wood grip” screws have 122% more pull-out resistance than nails and are standard for attaching roof and sidewall steel, insuring that your building has the maximum resistance to Mother Nature.

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